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Odor Control Services in Southern California

Odor Control Services

A  home or business with odor problems can create an unpleasant and downright unwelcoming experience for your family and guests, patrons and employees, or prospective buyers. Even meticulously cleaned spaces can develop odor problems. If odors in your home or business persist despite air fresheners and cleaning solutions, it’s time for professional odor control services. Perhaps you are dealing with odor from a known cause, such as flood or smoke damage, pets, or cigarette smoke. Maybe the source of the odor is a mystery. Either way, AJC Building Maintenance can help. We are Southern California’s preferred odor control professionals.

If you are dealing with potentially hazardous odors, please follow the guidelines from Preparation and Plannin

Odor control

Unknown ODOR

Our professional odor control services include consultations that sometimes result in us just identifying the odor, which can be easily eliminated by the client or a regular cleaning or janitorial company. Common causes of unidentified odor that do not require our professional odor removal services might include appliances that need some sort of maintenance (washing machines, dishwashers, garbage disposals), biological conditions in humans or pets, waste from pests, dried out drain traps, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from new furniture, or other causes.

Smoke and Water Damage Odor

Smoke odors from cigarettes and cigars or accidental fires can be difficult to remove using regular cleaning methods. Wall, furniture, floors, cabinets, fixtures, curtains, clothing, and virtually every surface in the home is affected. Water damage to your home or business can leave behind stale, musty odors long after the water is removed. Our smoke and water damage services include more than just cleaning and removing water and moisture.

We provide sanitizing and disinfecting treatments to remove and inhibit the growth of germs, microbes, bacterias, fungis, and mildews that cause odors, and use deodorizers specifically formulated to control soot smells and stale, musty odors that accompany smoke and water damage. Your home or business can smell clean and fresh again, with our odor control treatments.

Urine Accident Odor

Urine accidents on carpet, stone, tile, or wood floors can cause odor problems. Urine accidents are more common than one might imagine. Sometimes puppies don’t know the difference between carpet and grass. In a fast-paced business restroom with porous granite floors, poor aim can result in urine odors. Medical care facilities and preschools see their fair share of puddles.

Urine is unique in that it is a substance that comes out of the body as an acid, and when it starts to dry, it becomes an alkaline crystal, which absorbs moisture. In the case of urine accidents, stains can grow as these crystals absorb moisture.

In the wrong hands, professional urine odor removal processes and solutions can damage floor and surface materials. At AJC Building Maintenance, we use enzymes and disinfectants that safely remove odors. If more aggressive methods are necessary, we always make a point to keep our clients fully informed of all the options before we proceed to do anything that might require repairs, restoration, or replacement of surfaces.

Urine affects various surfaces in different ways.

  • Natural stone is porous, which means urine can soak down into the stone where it can’t be properly cleaned with regular cleaning methods. To complicate the matter, natural stone can become etched due to the initial acid reaction, but it can also be etched from the strong alkali. Professional cleaning, honing, and polishing may be the only way to properly deal with the urine stains and odors.
  • Carpets, rugs, and interior textiles can be spot cleaned, but urine can soak through  carpet backing or cushion covers and crystallize in the padding or cushions. It can last there for a long while until humid conditions dissolve the crystals and the odor returns. The only real way to eliminate urine odor is to thoroughly clean the front and back of the carpet or cushion cover and replace the affected pad or cushion.
  • Wood floors are especially problematic when it comes to urine odor. Professional deep cleaning and deodorizing treatments may resolve the problem. If not, sanding and refinishing may produce the desired results. The final option would be to replace certain board, sections, or the entire floor.

Biological Odor

Biological odors from sewage, decay, and other biological sources are not only extremely off-putting, but can be a health hazard because of possible inhalation of airborne microorganisms. We specialize in decontamination and safe disposal of hazardous biological substances that cause odor and deodorizing treatments to clear the air of any odor-causing contaminants that might linger.

Chemical Odor

Fumes from chemical spills can be dangerous to inhale. We have the appropriate training, neutralization and absorption products, and cleaning equipment to safely remove chemical spills and the odors they cause.

Professional Odor Control Equipment, Processes, and Solutions

AJC Building Maintenance utilizes a wide variety of state-of-the-art cleaning equipment and deodorizing solutions, depending on the specific needs in your situation. We are fully equipped to handle almost any residential or commercial odor problem.

AJC Building Maintenance services the Southern California area. For a FREE consultation and estimate on professional carpet and interior textiles cleaning, call (805) 844-9458 or fill out our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!